I'm going away from here.

I'll be leaving for Argentina on Saturday. The awesomeness of the trip will be reflected (however dimly) in the pictures I will bring back on the memory chips of my Pentax picture box, equipped as it is with a brand new lightbending attachment made of pure unicorn bones.
Also, Warren Ellis' webcomic will launch soon:


Paul hat gesagt…

Hey there!

I jsut came back from Buenos Aires, so I can only say "have fun"! The place is great, and after a crisis culture tends to get a good dose of creativity and rage.

See you when you come back, wanna see your pictures.

Leonhard hat gesagt…
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Leonhard hat gesagt…

(sorry, previous comment wa crippled by Tourette-Cats)
unicorn bones eh? Well, -they must have painted them, right?^^ Seriously, you should write more often in here. And yes: I know how tedious that is, remember liveatthegrassroots?