I've been gone. So long.

I haven't used this place in ages. Most of this is because I'm a lazy fuck who can't be bothered to invest the time, part of it is because most of my time nowadays is spent drinking myself to death, but the most important psychological block is that I have a tumblr, which in my mind replaced this place.

Those of you with brains obviously realize that tumblr and a propr blogr (anyone else think this "r"-suffix thing really needs to die?) are different things there for different purposes, so I think I'll revive this (or replace it with something else, I just need an actual blog to tell the none of you who are reading to belch forth all the bile the world is provoking in me), so check back. I've got a lot of things that piss me off that I wish to talk about in an overly verbose fashion.

Special Preview: The iPad is stupid and if you buy one you're either stupid or iBrainwashed.