Lord, send brains. Oh Lord, we need them so.

I can't fucking believe that a site like cbsnews.com is incapable of fucking telling "its" and "it's" apart. It boggles my fucking mind.
Dear Lord, this fucking place is going down the shithole. I think I need to work harder on getting off this fucking dirtball before everything goes fucking sideways. I'll be at the cornershop buying more, stronger, deadlier smokes and booze.


Eva Jinxx Bailey hat gesagt…

From Wil's post:

If you download something like audcity (free: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) and set it to record speaker sound then play the youtube vid then it will record what is coming out of the speaker-s so the youtube music, save as mp3 and volia!


Veronika hat gesagt…

Hey, got here from Wil Wheaton's blog, you asked on the post with the beatboxing flute player how to rip the sound from youtube videos...
Well, first, get the youtube video onto your computer, I like http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php for that. Save it as an .avi file.
Then, use AoA Audio Extractor (I forget where I downloaded it, but it's either freeware or shareware, just Google it.) That can output to either .wav or mp3, I used it to go to .wav then used Audacity to go to .mp3 simply because I trust Audacity more, so I dunno how well its mp3 converter thingamabob works.
That's about it. Oh, and, you can keep your left nut. I think someone else already made a claim on it anyhow. ^_^

Alli hat gesagt…

Sorry, just dropping by
(if you accidentally spell kumquat wrong, your blog is the first link, and I was intrigued)
to let you know that you can email edit-type things like "it's"/"its" to the online editor, and they'll correct it. I discovered this nifty little trick when I was taking a copy-editing class in school and thought it was really neat.

the girl who edits wikipedia for fun

Leonhard hat gesagt…

My dear gods, still rambling over that one?