When I'm grown up, I wanna be an American Corporate Fuck

This is a brilliant article by Doc Searls (via Boing Boing) detailing how the American Telco giants (and others) are going to fuck us over; the details are fairly complicated, and I don't think I completely understand it yet (he argues that the Intarweb should be treated as a place, and the carriers are going to kill it by treating it as a transport system), but it reminded me of two things that drive me up the wall.
First, the web is my playground, and that swedish dude's playground, and that african dude's over there (obviously not that Chinese dude's), and if someone wants to fuck with it, we can't do a fucking thing about it, because, hey, the web is fucking American! What are we gonna do? Write to our fucking Congressman? Woops, guess what, Germany just narrowly missed the cut to get into Congress last election, better luck next time. Best we can do is bitch and moan about it in our fucking blogs. Yeah, we're pretty much fucked.
Second, why are decisions in the "digital realm" (I'm using this term as ironically as possible, here) always made by people who have no clue? It's usually some bosses who think that this Internet is just a newfangled thingamajig that sounds vaguely dangerous, or legislators who really aren't any better. I never hear of any law being passed that sounds like the people who passed it knew what they were doing. Instead, it's always "regulate", "restrict", "danger", "think of the children" and "terrorists". I never hear "embrace", "free flow of information" or "digital freedom" (Of course not. You don't get to be a big fat corporate/legislator fuck by being a fucking hippie). Motherfuckers.

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cybele malinowski hat gesagt…

an american coperate fuck. thats been my dream since i was a little girl. seriuosly! so could by a bahama island....

i'm right there with you. thats why i quit law school